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The Harris v. Quinn decision means that hundreds of thousands of workers can now choose for themselves whether to pay dues to their union or not.

In July, the U.S. Supreme Court struck down an Illinois "scheme" by which individual home health care providers had union dues automatically deducted from their state Medicaid reimbursement payments.

In Harris the court reasoned that the compulsory payments violated the providers' First Amendment rights to freedom of speech and association. As a result of the decision, providers who resign/never sign up for union membership no longer have to pay any dues to the union.

- Irvina, Child Care Provider

I'm a small business owner, not a state employee. I have never wanted to be a union member. I do not agree with the majority of the political positions of SEIU 925 and do not want my money supporting those positions. Thanks to Harris v. Quinn, I was finally able to opt-out of SEIU 925.

- Marcia, Home Health Care Provider

I'm caring for my adult child in my own home. I am not a Washington State employee and I certainly never wanted to be an SEIU member. If people want to join a union, that is their prerogative. I never understood why I didn't have the same choice. SEIU membership was forced upon me. I don't agree with SEIU policies or politics. They took money from our family every month, without my permission and used it for it promote policies I disagree with. I had no choice in the matter until Harris v. Quinn and Freedom Foundation came to the rescue.