SEIU Drops Lawsuit, Showing How Bogus It Was To Begin With

Post date: Friday, April 29, 2016 - 12:20

It's reached the point where our adversaries in organized labor no longer have any real expectation of defeating the Freedom Foundation in court and the best they can do is try and salvage scraps of dignity from their losses.

The unions' latest setback came on April 22, when a Thurston County judge rejected SEIU 925's arguments and said the Washington State Department of Early Learning must turn over a list of Medicaid-subsidized childcare providers to Spokane resident Shannon Benn.

Benn, who operates a daycare facility with her husband, has published a newsletter for other childcare providers since 2011 and mailed it out to those on a contact list provided by the state. Benn's newsletter discusses legislation and regulations that affect providers' childcare businesses and often disagrees with the union on those matters.

All that changed in 2014, when the U.S. Supreme Court issued a ruling allowing childcare workers represented by SEIU 925 to opt out of paying any dues or fees at all and the Freedom Foundation announced plans to personally contact every provider to inform them of their newly affirmed legal rights.

The unions filed a series of lawsuits intended to keep the list out of the Freedom Foundation's hands for as long as possible. And while they were at it, they also sought to keep the list out the hands of the Benns, who the unions believed were simply fronting for the Freedom Foundation.

"The union arguments were always ridiculous," said Freedom Foundation General Counsel James Abernathy. "But they never expected to win on the merits of the case anyway. Their strategy was, and continues to be, to delay and intimidate anyone who tries to get the list.

"Most people don't have the resources to fight the unions in court and unions know this," he said. "But the Freedom Foundation does, and we never back down."

Not only did the court reject SEIU 925's reasons why the list shouldn't be released, but the ruling also vacated a temporary restraining order that had been imposed to keep the information bottled up until the unions' appeals could be heard.

On April 28, the union announced it was dropping the suit.

"For one thing, they realized they had no case," Abernathy said. "But more importantly, they also knew that if they took it to an Appeals Court and got an unfavorable ruling there, it would establish a binding precedent to use in other cases, preventing their ability to file frivolous lawsuits solely meant to intimidate requesters and delay disclosure."

The lower court ruling issued last week is helpful, he said, but it's not necessarily binding on other courts.

"The point is, we keep winning and they keep losing," Abernathy said. "They can only keep this up for just so long before judges will see through their scheme. The judge last week saw exactly what they were trying to do and ordered them to stop doing it. Time is running out on their scheme of intimidation and delay."

Another WA SEIU Labor Union Busted by Attorney General

Post date: Monday, February 8, 2016 - 00:00

This article was originally published by John McKay on News Talk 870 on Feb 8, 2016

For the second  time in less than a week, another WA local branch of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) has been hit with a sizable fine by the Washington State Attorney General, for the same issues.

First, SEIU Local 775 was given a $40,000 fine for failure to properly reveal and document campaign contributions and other political related financial dealings.
Now, Monday, SEIU Local 975 has been fined just over $31,000 for the same failures. The Freedom Foundation, a Washington-state based political think tank group who champion conservative causes, has been digging through the often murky waters of many of these union activities, and has found they've been playing fast and loose with rules in many cases.

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SEIU 925 To Pay Nearly $32,000 After AG Lawsuit Over Campaign Finance Reporting Deficiencies

Post date: Monday, February 8, 2016 - 00:00

This article was originally published by the Office of the Attorney General of Washington State on Feb 8, 2016

OLYMPIA — Service Employees International Union Local 925 (SEIU 925) will pay the state $31,715 after an Attorney General's Office lawsuit over its improper reporting of in-kind and cash campaign contributions.  The judgment includes costs, fees and civil penalties.

The union agreed to file its reports in accordance with state campaign finance law. If it does so, $6,948 of its $38,663 judgment will be suspended as long as it complies with campaign finance laws going forward.

The union's political action committee, SEIU Local 925 Public Service PAC (SEIU 925 PAC), will also pay $6,000, with $1,500 of that suspended as long as it also updates its reports and complies with reporting requirements.

In August 2015, the Attorney General's Office received a Citizen Action Complaint from the Freedom Foundation against SEIU 925 alleging multiple violations of the state's campaign finance disclosure laws.

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